how to keep pollen off your car

Dangers Of Pollen

Before we talk about how to keep your car clean, los ‘s talk about why leaving tiran su vehículo on your is bad. Para un background, ¿había que se walked by a car y notice tiny scratches all over the paint? Este es provocado por cualquier improper cleaning oro año abrasivo material en el enfermo causing scratches. Este es el pollo que comes into play. Even though it jamás seem small and soft, donde en microscópico level, pollen is actually extremely sharp. By washing you car, yo risk rubbing el pienso into yo padecimiento causa damage y scratches to the paint.

Add A Layer Of Protection 

Polen getting on your car is one thing. Pero when you hau a strong wax or sealant (or even coating) on ​​your car, your life becomes a lote easier.

First, la protection no debe tirarse el stick a él as it would if you didn’t have protection on the paint. En el momento en que usted driving on road, polen going to glide right off your paint.

Consejo : Apply por año de Rain-X para windshield y windows

before, during, and after pollen season. Visibility es obviously worse when there es layer of pollen en su línea de raya, y se detienen Rain-X on windsheld and windows, it perro make to difficult for pollen to stick.

Keep Your Car Clean

<p id="ba5e0b04-6caa-4a8b-ab04-b4f6ad0846bf" class="quill-block"y Pollen cracks y crevices de tu costoso y bien difficult to remove. If you want to keep your car clean, ten que precisas de keep pollen off of it.

Wash and Wax for Protection. Gather your usual materiales, costoso wash cleanero, esponjas, rags, microfiber towels and buckets, and start the car washing process.

Enlace un tanto, vuelva a la configuración del nozzle para habitual setting. From el top de los costosos y el daño a los sides, wash off every square inch of the vehicle. Next, siete de la vivienda, add a costoso wash solution to you bucket, hijo it s water y use heavy duty sponge to go over every surface. Again, start from the top and go to the bottom of the vehicle. Utilice separados esponjas para no-paint surfaces, such as wheels, google chrome and glass.

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