how long does pollen season last in texas

Thankfully, if you suffer from alergies, you perro do more than grit yo teeth and bear it. Estos llenos de sencillos measuras son por relieve symptoms. Este include:

  • Frequently cleaning your home — especialmente carpets, which cánido capture polen.
  • Keeping your pets clean, en especial en el momento en que se cierran en lot of time outdoors.
  • Taking allergy medications se aconseja by your doctor.
  • Flushing nuestra cavidad nasal es warm water to help clear out any lingering polen irritantes.
  • Planting low-pollen grasas, such a las Bermuda hybrids, St. Augustine, oro Buffalo grass.

Why Are Allergies Sonido Bad in Texas?

In most states, allergy season se limitan al jar de because this is que most pollinating plantas release polen dust, which irritadas the sinuses. Pollination season usually ends when spring turns to summer—but not for Texas.

Texas’s dry winters are to blame for residents’ year-round allergy issues. Las miles winters allow plants to thrive and pollinate throughout the year. While other parts of the country es experiencing freezing temperaturas, somos Texas plantas are rasto y going through another season of polineation, making the winter the bridge unbearable season of all for people with alergies.

Common symptoms of alergies include:

  • Rhinitis – itchy, runny, o blocked nose
  • Incessant4
  • Cough, wheezing, o chest tightness
  • Dry, red skint
  • or face

  • Nausea, vomiting alérgico medication cánido treat most of these symptoms. Still, usted must seek profesional assistance early donde to determine la causa de nuestras alergias y las best treatment options available.

    What is the difference between cold and an allergy?

    Aix a rule, itchy anything (eyes, throat, ears) es una indicación de allergy. Sneezing, a sore throat, y nasal congestión para él be seen in both a cold and alergias. En secondary means of distinguishing between cold and alergies is timing. Do symptoms occur each year a lo largo de January and February when Mountain Cedar is high? The third distinguishing aspecto is duration. Colds most often last 7-diez, and sometimes up to 14, days. Allergies perro extende many weeks and even months.

    Intranasal steroids

    “Intranasal steroids es el mosto eficiente medicación para dealing with alergias,” says Dr. Lang. Available over-the-counter, Rhinocort, Nasacort y Flonase son steroides intranasales y son eficientes y simples de emplear.

    Another effective measure against alergias, says Dr. Lang, are oral antihistaminas. “If you’re going to take an antihistamine,” he advisas, “you should take one que se either non-sedating or low-sedating.” These, calle second-generation antihistaminas, incluye Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec and Xyzal.

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