Breed Profile: Easter Egger Chicken

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Easter Egger Chicken Origin: United States

Standard Description: Easter Eggers are not a true breed, rather a hybrid cross. Their egg color makes them a popular choice. And, since they are a hybrid, no two birds look exactly the same, making for a rainbow of colors in a backyard flock. It’s important to note that Easter Eggers will not switch the color of eggs they lay throughout their lifetime.

Temperament: Friendly, active, skittish


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Comb: Pea

Popular Use: Eggs and meat

Hardiness: Cold hardy

: Varies – none recognized, as this is not a standard breed


Weight: Hen, 4 lbs., Cock, 5 lbs.

Testimonial of an Easter Egger owner: “I always keep a few Easter Eggers in my flock. They’re fun because they lay colored eggs and they add variety since each chicken looks different. I can’t imagine my flock without them!”  – Pam Freeman, owner of

It Isn’t an Easter Egger Chicken if it is
: Not a cross. If it is a true chicken breed, then it can’t be an Easter Egger chicken. Easter Eggers are sometimes mislabeled Ameraucana chickens or Araucana chickens, which are true breeds.


Egg Color, Size and Laying Habits:

  • Blue, green, or pinkish-cream
  • Large
  • 3-4 eggs per week
  • The reason the egg colors vary so much is because the birds are of mixed parentage.

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